“A story that began in 1995 and somewhere along the way traveled to seek something ‘new,’ something different… A space that was a starting point for some people in their early professional steps, a small café in the central square of Kasteli in Kissamos, Chania. Years passed, but the memories remained vivid. So vivid that the return was the revival of this space to remind the old and teach the younger that the roots under that tree in Central Square are so deeply rooted that this story endured and still endures. Its name is ‘Ίντριγκα’ (Intriga), because through intrigue, the plot of the story that was directly connected remained alive Therefore, the logo is designed in such a way as to emphasize the entire plot, which is drawn from life itself. In the representation, one can see a coffee cup (because everything is said over coffee), on the right, the leaves of a tree (as everything unfolds under it), the lines depicting water, which is the main source of life, and 4 dots representing individuals – the society that surrounds and is surrounded by intrigue.”